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Glyph is a manager, cataloger, and online store for games released by the Trion Worlds studio (specialized in massively multiplayer online titles), although it also offers the option to buy some third-party games. It's an essential software for installing games such as Defiance, Rift, and ArcheAge – all of them free-to-play.

The program, like other similar services such as Origin or Steam, offers a structure made up of two main parts: a list of your own game library and games you can instantly download for free with a freemium membership, and the store proper where you can buy loads of different games as well as DLCs and additional extensions for the F2P titles.

Glyph is an appealing option for organizing all the games distributed by Trion Worlds in one place, and in many cases, it's the only option to download files needed for the games to work.

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